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Established in March 2017, Fire Logbooks Australia offer a range of AS 1851-2012 Compliant Service Record logbooks, including the Amendment 1 changes. The revised inspection, test, preventive maintenance and survey regimes in this Standard address the functional aspects of installed fire protection systems and equipment on a periodic basis, with the objective that systems and equipment operate effectively at all times. The regimes aim to ensure that fire protection systems and equipment are in working order throughout the year or period of interest; not only at the time of annual inspection and test. A significant objective of this Standard is to provide reliability of fire protection systems and equipment, linking design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our fire log books were written and designed by industry professionals for industry professionals.

This range of logbooks offers a competitively priced alternative to the industry and in most cases have a longer shelf life than other products on the market.

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