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Personalised Front Covers

We offer the option to have Personalised Covers on all our full range of Standard Fire Logbooks. This is an ideal way to promote your business as there are no quantity restrictions.

Just mix your logbook quantities like a normal order and select the Personalised Covers option at the checkout. We have a few standard layouts below to choose from, or feel free to contact us to discuss a different design.

At the checkout, upload a hi-resolution image of your logo and complete optional fields for ‘Email address’, ‘Main phone number’, ‘Secondary phone number’ and ‘Address’. We will provide you with draft layouts for your approval before anything goes to print.

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5% off orders 20 books or more

Simply order any mix of books and if the total is 20 books or more a 5% discount will be applied at the checkout.

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Free Shipping on 50 books or more

Simply order any mix of log books and if the total is 50 books of more your shipping will be free! Free shipping applied at checkout.

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Where have you been hiding? You have just halved the cost of our Fire Log Books.

New Client, Tasmania
New ClientTasmania

At last a company that understands “Service”. It is a real pleasure to deal with you. We will definately be buying all our log books from you in the future.

New Client, Gold Coast
New ClientGold Coast

Our clients always complained when they had to buy new Log Books every year. Now I can supply them with Log Books lasting for two years at the same price.

New ClientNorth Queensland
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